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3D Modelling

Creating a 3D model - is the first step to create a presentation of your products. Depending on the goals that are put in the modeling, the model can be simplified, in fact, the outer shell with optical properties of the external surfaces, or can be so detailed that it can be used to simulate real physical processes.

3D model simplifies the design process and makes it more understandable and compelling to customers, even without deep knowledge of technology.
Left picture - is a fragment of the traditional drawing, right picture - is the 3D model of the same object.

2D drawing sample2D scetch to 3D model

Modeling helps to develop working drawings and simplifies the assembly process. Once model created it can be studied in a variety of CAD applications, simulations to determine the physical properties of the future product, its durability and reliability of how it will interact with the medium if we are talking about process equipment. And you can use the created model just for photo-realistic presentation of the product made.

We create touch-enabled, 360° product views that can be displayed in any web browser. It is a perfect solution for online-shop, portfolios, product / company presentations and collateral for design reviews.

Note! All models below are touch-enabled, 180° or 360°.

Laptor 15.6'.


Candlestick. Original idea - WooDoo Design Oy.

Old chair.


Public phone-box.

Table with deserts.

Living room. Fragment.

Riva Aquarama structure.

Riva Aquarama.